Little Spott Steading, Dunbar

The site which is elevated with views across the East Lothian coast line involved the reconstruction of a “B” listed farm steading into 14 residential units of varying sizes. Due to the dilapidated condition a proportion of the steading had to be reconstructed as new which meant reforming sloping ridges and wall heads to ensure the original character was retained. As a result of the shape and dimension irregularities the timber frame and roofs all had to be designed so that they could be constructed on site without any prefabrication.

Cottage, Howgate

A single storey rear extension to a cottage to provide further living accommodation this project encompasses expressed feature oak trusses and a glassed façade offering uninterrupted view across the country side. CRA designed all structural aspects of the project including the oak trusses.

Beech Place, Penicuik

Located near the banks of the Esk, this extension was formed to provide a new kitchen / lounge space. The structure comprises a concealed steel frame supporting the roof and cantilevered edge, timber frame clad in stone and feature glazed corner. Internally the existing roof was altered to provide an accessible mezzanine level.

Greenbank Place, Edinburgh

A single storey extension to the rear of a listed Georgian property this project includes two very distinctive parts. The first is a feature pyramid roof structure which covers the new bedroom wing, all formed in timber with concealed steel connections. The link between new and existing was bridged by a glazed double mono pitched roof utilising glass ridge beams and stub columns. CRA were responsible for the design of all elements including the structural glazing.

Abbotsmeadow, Gattonside, Scottish Borders

Abbotsmeadow is a “C” listed detached Georgian villa situated in Gattonside, near Melrose.  The three storey extension to the rear was constructed using Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICT) basement walls with a steel frame to support the high level cantilevered stonework. SIPS panels infilled the steel primary support with precast beam and block suspended floors and feature vaulted timber roof including an apex glazed lantern.  The facades comprised of open jointed rubble stonework, slate cladding and large feature glazing.

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